Hello World, I introduce myself! Claudia Corsi : wedding planner

I started to take an interest in art and design during my high school years. The theme of drawing, from painting to architecture, has always been a great fascination.

Creating and conceiving has given me great gratification right from the start, to the point that, at the beginning of 2000, I began to follow a master’s degree as an event organizer and training courses to obtain a specialization in event & wedding planner

Together with my team, I’ll manage all phases of the wedding or event, from the choice of location to the color of the invitation cards and we take care of Destination Wedding in Tuscany.

Wedding Planner

My profession has changed a lot over the years. In the 90s, the wedding industry lived different terms and methods, and in Italy, the figure of the wedding planner was not yet known, and today she is also recognized in her Anglo-Saxon term.

Following the bride and groom from the initial phase of the project is a real path to transform the idea, to make the desire come true.

It is not simply a matter of consulting but of creating and presenting the event from a logistical point of view, taking into consideration all aspects of the event and the needs of the bride and groom and their guests.

Coordinating, managing the suppliers, designing the fittings, suggesting trends, and novelties. The organization must be impeccable and attention to detail. It is not always easy to meet the bride and groom’s requests, but the charm of this profession also lies in this, in the possibility of seeing the project become reality.


It is a profession that requires great skills and good diplomacy, as well as knowledge of the law and a lot of bureaucracy relating to the practices for carrying out both Italian and foreign civil and religious marriages.

There is a great difference in culture between the various countries: the importance that is given and expected by the married couple towards the various moments that mark their wedding day, to give an example.

The ceremony itself can be civilreligious, or symbolic; lunch or dinner; after dinner with its exhilarating moments, dances, and entertainment.

Each wedding is the only one, with different needs and requirements. The aim is to entertain the bride and groom, make them feel satisfied, without stress, and avoiding the unexpected, but for those, I always have a great plan b.

When you do your job with passion, no goal is unreachable.

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